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What is the C.U.S.?

The Sustainable Town Planning Centre (CUS in Spanish), is as new prestigious space in the city of Saragossa, in which the results of the sustainability measures executed in the Valdespartera Eco-City will be disseminated and verified, in a general context of Sustainable Town Planning.

A clear commitment has been made in the Town Hall of Saragossa to promoting this building as a referential site for R&D and Innovation, to exhibit good building practices and technological innovations in the field of sustainability (active and passive use of solar energy, insulation with Faveton ventilated façades, thermal and acoustic insulation using thermal-clay, high energy efficiency domestic appliances and installations).

Ever-increasing awareness and understanding of the relationship between ecology, design and value-added (especially when considering the contribution of the Construction and Property Development sector to the nation’s economy) and the demonstration of what is carried out in Valdespartera, will enable the Sustainable Town Planning Centre to show how good eco-efficient home design gives rise to social, economic and environmental benefits, while at the same time providing users with greater value-added.

The use of sustainable construction products, solutions and techniques generates healthy residential environments with a higher quality of life more in line with society’s current demands. In addition, the eco-efficient design of sustainable buildings is able to generate value over a longer period of time, in excess of the simple capital investment associated with the initial cost.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that knowledge of the tangible and intangible benefits derived from “healthy design” is on the increase and we have never had a better idea than now as to how to invest in “sustainable construction”, it is necessary to improve the information channels, by presenting the general public with a catalogue of products that enables the achievement of these benefits. The Sustainable Town Planning Centre has been set up as the ideal framework for the presentation and exhibition of these products.
The Sustainable Town Planning Centre has been set up as the ideal framework for the presentation and exhibition of these products.

Key Themes

The basic idea on which the Sustainable Town Planning Centre is based is that our planet has limits that cannot be exceeded. The universally accepted adage “think global, act local” is the basis for a wide-ranging consensus in existence today as regards the need for all of us to consider new criteria for conduct in our everyday lives, which take into account the requirement of organizing ourselves in accordance with more rational norms for the consumption of resources. The intention is also to provide a showcase for a range of responses made by cities and town planners in the past when confronted by the challenges of sustainability, as well as for innovations provided by private companies at this moment in time in the domestic sphere.

The aim of the exhibition side of the Sustainable Town Planning Centre is to encourage visitors to think about the criteria behind western consumption, its expense and the solutions citizens may adopt. The exhibition ends with an invitation to the visitor to make a commitment to sustainability.


The CUS brings together a wide range of organizations that work on integrated construction topics under the auspices of a Scientific Committee.

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