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Several cooperation agreements CUS make a center of debate and work on sustainable urban

Monday, 24 May, 2010 - 17:19

The Deputy Mayor of Zaragoza, Fernando Gimeno, has signed this morning the collaboration of 18 organizations and companies that sponsor services and material.

The Deputy Mayor of Zaragoza, Fernando Gimeno, this morning has signed several cooperation agreements with a total of 18 organizations and companies that seek to make the Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CUS) forum discussion, dissemination of science and work on sustainable urbanism.

These sponsors provide services and equipment such as laptops, wifi installation, equipment, printing or publishing of a book. The City Council agrees to transfer the CUS for two days per year to each sponsor for the conduct of meetings and events related to sustainable urban planning or information technology. In addition, for seven days each year have a space for temporary exhibitions for publicity purposes related products with efficient energy use in buildings or TICS.

The City Council shall be assisted by the Spanish Agency of Meteorology, Ibercaja, Cai, joint ventures and Ecoval Valdespartera, Sers, Elecnor, IIC, Prames, Echegoyen, Aquagest, STF, Contazara, Efor, gotor, Canon, and Envac cerman & Arriatxa .

With the support of these sponsors, we have scheduled a series of actions and activities that contribute to the dissemination of the Centre. It seeks to create, without charge, a Scientific Commission to propose various activities. For the next year are already committed the following acts:

An annual meeting aimed at companies of the association of water and / or irrigation Spanish.

A conference whose theme will address the annual debate about sustainability and technology applied to water management

An annual meeting of any of engineering associations at regional, national or international.

Eight business conventions and / or technical conferences each year in order to expose the innovations produced in the field of engineering.

Other conventions.

The CUS is a place to be compiled, calculated and analyzed all the results of implemented sustainability measures in the Ecocity Valdespartera. The center will collect the main information on meteorology, pollution, energy consumption, water supply, irrigation, waste collection and sanitation, energy performance of buildings and facilities, among other issues.

Thus, it should be noted the commitment made by the Spanish Agency of Meteorology, which provides next-generation weather station which will affect more relevance and optimize the procedure for evaluating the bio-climatic and environmental conditions in the neighborhood of Valdespartera.