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The Mayor of Zaragoza and Mr Federico Mayor Zaragoza and inaugurated the Center for Sustainable Urban Valdespartera

Thursday, 3 June, 2010 - 10:25

The Mayor of Zaragoza, accompanied by Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Director General of UNESCO and President of the Foundation Culture of Peace ", today opened the Center for Sustainable Urban Valdespartera. Its launch completes the project Ecocity Valdespartera but at the same time, is walking toward a new awareness of local public services in terms of efficient use of energy and natural resources in the urban environment.

The building becomes the center of the remote network, a fiber optic network of over 40 km along the entire length Valdespartera collecting various data from the various network services such as water tank levels, flow rates movement by different sectors, consumption, supply water quality, stormwater control and storm tanks, consumption and programming allocations for irrigation, consumption of public lighting, electricity consumption, volume and classification of waste, meteorological parameters, etc. .

Remote network consists of a total of 196 remote stations, operating 21 483 instruments. The most important thing is that from the Municipal Services, can be performed automatically and remotely 530 solenoid 480 moves on the irrigation network and 50 of the supply network.

With the implementation of Sustainable Urban Design Center, all these technologies are available to the entire citizenry, assuming a significant cost savings when undertaking the maintenance of networks. Automatic alarm systems to detect leaks in the network to act on them preventively.

To complement the above idea, the fact that irrigation can be scheduled up to two hundred eighty acres of the neighborhood by computer, not only a utility computer technology, but on the demo screen reflected in water consumption in different months of the year, to study water resource use and show the citizens of Zaragoza Valdespartera and the need to use it properly, with the utmost care in their drinking responsibly, with data coming from the surrounding reality itself.

The Center for Sustainable Urban Valdespartera be an instrument for citizen participation: a forum for debate on sustainability in urban design and building through a host of activities, courses and workshops that will be programmed by environmental awareness programs the City of Zaragoza.