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  • Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday:
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  • August: Closed
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What has the centre got to offer?

The centre is a space devoted to research, training and dissemination of energy efficiency in buildings.

At the same time, it is the nerve centre of the tele-command and tele-management network, which will be employed to monitor and manage all the urban service networks in the Valdespartera neighbourhood.

Who is it aimed at?

Its target audience is the general public, and particularly, companies and public and private bodies whose objectives include improvements in energy use efficiency in buildings.

It is also aimed at the municipal Administration, which will be able to use the tele-command and tele-management network to test for improvements in the field of sustainability introduced in town planning and construction as a result of the approach taken to town planning in Valdespartera.

Why invest in the centre?

Investment in the centre involves collaboration in the achievement of your objectives through research and training in energy efficient buildings, and the dissemination of the improvements achieved by companies in this field, which means the presentation of products and the setting up of temporary exhibitions for them.